Comparison of TB 500 with other steroids


There are a bunch of steroids available in the market that promotes muscle growth. Therefore, among those steroids we will compare TB 500 and other steroid and based on our analytics we will give you our opinion. Well before moving further let us tell you about the recently mentioned drug. TB stands for Themosis Beta and 500 is the variant of the product. The drug in intended for muscle growth, heart and brain muscle tissue repair and works a healing agent. Today we are going to compare this product features with the characteristics of the other drugs from the aspects of athletic performance.

Comparison between Themosis Beta 500 and other drugs

Results – Let’s talk about the most important factor result. Well Beta 500 is made to give you many results apart from the results from an athletes aspects, there are very few drugs that will provide you the results equal to that of TB 500. This drug serves the purpose of repairing muscle tissue, improving joint’s flexibility, reducing inflammations, increasing the migration of endothelial cells and blood flow that fulfils almost all the requirement of an athlete. Well other drugs don’t have the tendency to provide that many features.

Risk Involved – There are many risk associated with the drugs other than themosis beta. The risk can be muscle swelling, increased blood pressure, heart problems and many more. Talking about the beta 500, there is no risk that has reported by the users yet over the tenure of past 3 years. This drug is safe to use and will have no side effects provided that it is taken in required quantity only.

Pricing – Price is no issue for this peptide. TB 500 is multiple times cheaper than the other peptides and steroids. Also it is legally available at medical shops and online stores too.

Long term effects – Long term effects of this peptide includes increased blood circulation, good muscle growth, flexible joints and strong bones. Also the adverse effect can arise due to overdose of the peptide as this comes in the same category in which other drugs and peptide falls.

Our analysis

On the basis of our analysis, TB 500 is much better than other peptides and drug intended for athletes like body builders. This causes no harm if taken in required amount. Despite of the fact that it contains various advantages, its dose must be monitored and prescribed by the doctor.